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takara_mono's Journal

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Welcome to takara_mono, the icon/graphic journal of teacoat. Updates will be haphazarad and usually fandom-centric. Requests are currently being accepted and should be directed to me over AIM, e-mail, or Soulseek (henkaku_tsubasa).

So you want to use my graphics? Great! Just follow the rules, f00. :)

  • CREDIT IS ALWAYS NECESSARY. Credit however you feel like, just don't take one of my icons without mention of teacoat and/or takara_mono.
  • Comment when you snag. Specific feedback is lovely, I should add.
  • No direct linking. Photobucket is God.
  • Do not distribute any of these graphics anywhere but your won personal journal or community. If you want to distribute them for some reason, link to the entry the particular graphic is in.

The following is a list of others' textures/brushes/whatever that I have used. If you are certain you belong on this list (and that is quite possible, since I'm tragically unorganized), contact me and I'll add you.